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Who Am I and Why Should You Care?

Hi, I'm Shelley Levisay the Shawnee litigator. I spend my days practicing Law, and any free time on nights and weekends, writing books. I have my fur babies, mayhem, shadow, phantom, and my little ferret Shelby.

I've always thrived on teaching and helping other people. So some of my videos will be legal advice and stories about being a lawyer, and still others will be about my stories.

I'm one of those strange people that pretty equally use both sides of my brain because not only am logical and organized but I'm also creative. my undergrad degree is in music and I played and taught the piano since I was eight years old and I sing in two different choirs and a frequent soloist.

Despite that, or maybe because of the love of performing or drama, I love being a trial, lawyer. From the rush of a jury trial to helping a client change their life and receive a second chance to negotiating and mediating the right outcome for everyone. I enjoy debating what the law means, what it should be, how it applies, and strategizing defenses.

Because I love the practice of law so much, I also write about it. In all of my writing, I focus on flawed, but strong female characters.

I need to tell you a little more about me.  trigger warning, my memoir, Love Isn't Always the Answer, is a difficult read because it's about my specific experience in an abusive relationship and how it has changed me.

While I'm certainly not unique, my story is a little different than most people’s, because my abuser was my former client. While other professionals hearing this, may be turned off by it, but I made mistakes, but I also paid for them dearly.

In my case the search to avoid loneliness colored my judgment and  turned me into someone I didn't even recognize. I was arrested and convicted of a felony after growing up in Christian schools and churches and being voted as the girl with the most Christian character. I was even still attending church twice a week and still do today.

I've had no contact with my abuser for almost 5 years now but the reality is he's still there in my subconscious, in my dreams, and the way I live my life. Certain tones of voice trigger me and my body tenses up and I can't relax.   I can't tolerate anyone yelling at me.  Maybe it's not a weakness but a strength in that I've developed some boundaries just refuse to let people disrespect me anymore.

That relationship and experience permanently changed me. I used to be an idealistic believer in love and romance, hopelessly longing to get married. But surviving my whole ordeal effectively killed that dream.

That being said, we become who were meant to be by the traumas and obstacles we overcome my writing started as therapy to survive.

I hope you subscribe and follow me!

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