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Welcome to my writing world! My name is Shelley Levisay and I am a criminal defense lawyer, writer and furbaby momma living in Shawnee, Oklahoma. I love to write about law, life and love. It is my passion and I strive to help others through my words.

As a domestic violence survivor, I have dedicated my life to advocating for victims and spreading the message that “love shouldn’t hurt.” Through storytelling, I aim to give readers the courage and knowledge to empower themselves. I invite you to join me on my journey and discover how my words can make a difference in your life.
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Sooner Secrets and Lady Lawyer: Legal Thrillers

Are you looking for an authentic and thrilling read? Shawnee Litigator Press is the perfect place to start! As a criminal defense lawyer, I draw inspiration from my own experiences to write stories that will take you inside the courtroom and into the little known lives of neurotic and jaded lawyers. Through my controversial legal thrillers, I challenge the reader to question who is the criminal and who is the victim?

My stories are filled with suspense and humanity, and I invite you to explore the depths of my literary world. Dive in and discover the hidden secrets of the legal system.


On Sale Now!

A True Crime Memoir

This extraordinary true story of survival and redemption will leave you feeling empowered and inspired. In Shelley Levisay's heart-wrenching memoir, she recounts her battle against a manipulative and violent partner, and the life-altering consequences of becoming ensnared in his web of crime. Winner of both the 2022 Oklahoma Writers Federation Unpublished Nonfiction Book of the Year and the 2021 WriterCon Memoir of the Year, this book is an empowering story of surviving trauma and finding true happiness. 

What's included in this book:

- An inspiring story of overcoming domestic violence and finding joy despite the odds - A captivating exploration of how trauma can infiltrate every corner of society - A powerful reminder that true happiness can be found without a romantic partner - Insightful advice for those currently facing similar experiences 

This book also includes Shelley's personal reflections on her coercive relationship, her feelings of guilt and worthlessness, and her journey to finding inner peace. Buy now before the price changes and be inspired by this courageous true story.

Book Reviews

A quick, well-written read. The characters were believable and the plot intriguing. I was kept in suspense all the way through until the very end.

Kathryn Spurgeon,

Author | Oklahoma

Sooner Secrets...It takes readers on a captivating journey through the legal world of Oklahoma, skillfully blending the intensity of a courtroom drama with the intricacies of personal relationships and the pursuit of justice.

The plot is masterfully constructed, with twists and turns that keep readers guessing until the very end. 

"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau

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