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5 Book Recommendations

The Comeback and Before We Were Innocent, are both by Ella Burman and are women's fiction. Both books have interesting protagonists that you want to win. These books deal with real women's issues, including violence against women, relationships, and deep internal monologue. Before We Were Innocent also has elements of crime mystery, and suspense with a twist at the end.

No One Can Know was from an Arthur I hadn't read before this is a psychological and crime thriller. The book is from three points of view and two different periods of time. The three-point of view are three sisters, whose parents were murdered, and one of the sisters was suspected of committing the crime, but there was not enough evidence to prosecute her. The three sisters parted ways earlier on in life, but all over hiding their own secrets, but had to come back with one of the sisters decides to return to the family home to live. Lovers of suspense will enjoy this book.

The Coworker by Freud McFadden will not disappoint if you typically like her books. It has a very similar field to her other books twist in the end. This book is from two different characters. Perspectives the protagonist in the antagonist essentially but at the end, you will learn neither character is who they seemed.

Partners in Crime by William Bernhardt features two of his series, characters, Daniel Pike, and Benjamin Kincaid. I fell in love with the Benjamin Kincaid novels long ago and was very happy to see this character return. it was also interesting to see these two lawyers working together when they have very different personalities. it is full of twists and a must read if you like legal thrillers or these characters.

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