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The Comeback and No One Can Know: 2 Audiobooks I Had to Finish

A couple of weeks ago, my mom and I traveled three and a half hours away for me to attend court. We started Ella Berman’s The Comeback. The story is about a child start surviving trauma in the film industry. The protagonist Grace Turner is a troubled girl in her early twenties. You stay deep in her viewpoint and how she can’t process what happened with her mentor. A women’s fiction novel that you can visualize happening in real life. Not only is the protagonist someone you want to overcome, but you also like her little sister and want to see that relationship develop. I have just started another of this author’s book and highly recommend.

This past week I listened to No One Can Know by Kate Alice Marshall. This is a psychological thriller told primarily from Emma’s viewpoint but sometimes from the viewpoint of her sisters J.J. and Daphne.  The story travels back and forth between present day and before their parents died fourteen years earlier. With twists, turns, and villains you love to hate, this book kept my attention until the very end.

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